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Click on the headings below for detailed answers to FAQ.

Click on the headings below for detailed answers to FAQ.

What is the cut off time for ads?

Cut off time for free & paid classified lined ads is Tues. @ 5pm.

Cut off time for commercial display advertising is Tues. @ 12:00 noon.
Cut off time for email, free and paid, ads is Tues.  @ 4pm.

How can I pay for my ad?

You can pay with cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

Credit/Debit Card information can be taken over the phone to pay for your advertisiment.
Debit Cards can only be used when you are in our office.  The Debit Card requires you to enter a pin number when you make a purchase.

There will be a $1.00 service/processing fee for all types of payments other than cash.

What are your office hours?

Mon. & Tues.  8am-5pm

Open for merchandise delivery, walk-in customers and phones are answered by real people.

Wed.  8am-12pm

Open for merchandise delivery and walk-in customers only.

When is the new issue of The Shopper’s Guide published each week?

1. The "INSIDER PAID SUBSCRIPTION" Internet publication at thesgoppersguide.net is available each Wednesday afternoon.  (Between 12:00 Noon and 6:00 pm)

2. The printed publication is placed in all of our convenience stores, by 12:00 noon, every Thursday morning.

3. The FREE internet download of The Shopper's Guide is available on Sunday morning at theshoppersguide.net .

What information do you need with my ad?

Ad discription, full name, home or cell phone number, and city location.

Only one personal phone number will appear in your free ad.
Yard sale ads also need an address included but your name and phone number will not appear in the ad.

How do I know how much my commercial classified lined ad will cost?

Call us for information or you may use up to 25 typing character spaces in each line.  The cost is $1.50 per line.

FS: Chevy PU, loaded, air (1st line)
85k mi., $5,000. Call xxx (2nd line)
-xxxx                               (3rd line).  You must pay 1.50 for a line if any part of the line is used.)
This ad has three lines with up to 25 spaces per line.  It would cost $4.50 per week.

How do you price commercial/display blocked ads?

Example:  For a 1 column wide by 1” vertical ad the price would be $5.00 per week or $15.00 for 4 weeks.  When you buy a display ad for 4 weeks, without changes, you get the 4th week free.  You may also call us for assistance (731-285-8156).  Check our Main Menu for Advertising prices.

Where can I buy The Shopper’s Guide?

Check our Menu and click on (Purchasing The Shopper's Guide - Retail Store Listing) or click HERE to transfer.

Internet INSIDER PAID Subscriptions are now available (pdf download)!

There is also a FREE internet download on our web-site.