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We would like to welcome you to our NEW Shopper’s Guide web site published by Buddy & Dinah Weeks of Dyersburg, Tennessee.  We have provided a FREE classified advertising service to all of the Northwest Tennessee area for over 39 years.  We have also provided a PAID (commercial) classified and display advertising service to this same area at the most reasonable prices we could possible offer. It is our hope to continue these services through the NEW Shopper’s Guide web site.  All that's necessary is for you to register and you will have FREE access to the SG Classifieds. Be sure to check out our FREE AD INFO in the menu at the top of the page. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and always remember, “The Smart Shopper Shops Thru The Shopper’s Guide”.

Dinah Weeks


All ads published in The Shopper's Guide weekly paper edition will be posted on this Web Site Wednesday Evening thru Thursday Morning of each week.  We also want to invite you to place your ads on this Web Site (at any time) and include a picture of your item. (Your items are posted on this Site when you place the Ad.)  REMEMBER, a picture is worth a thousand words so four (4) pictures of your car or house would be like writing 4,000 words to describe how it looks.

The Shopper's Guide is headed toward its 40th birthday this year and it's success is all because of YOU!

Thank you SO MUCH for your support,  Buddy & Dinah.


The "SG CLASSIFIEDS”, in the Main Menu, is the door to all of the advertising in The Shopper's Guide (TSG).  You will need to "Register" to gain access to the free "SG CLASSIFIEDS" categories and become part of TSG Family. Simply click on the "SG CLASSIFIEDS" in the Main Menu and you will be presented with a "Login / Registration" form.  Enter your "Username" and "Password", if you are already a registered user, or click on the New User Registration at the bottom of the Login Form and then complete the Registration Form that appears to become a "Registered User". By completing this form you will help us provide you, and everyone else, with a safe and secure place to buy, sell, trade and give-a-way in the Northwest part of Tennessee.

When the registration form appears you will need to choose a "Username".  This name can be your real name or you can make up a name to use when placing ads in TSG.  This name will appear with any ad you place in TSG and you will NOT be able to change it (Username) once you have completed registration.  A Username can only be used by one individual so register now and don't wait until someone else gets the name you want to use.  By the way, make your "Username" a good name, one that will be acceptable to all The Shopper's Guide Family.

Complete the rest of the form and check the "Terms of Service" block at the bottom of the page.  Don't forget to click on "Register" and you will become a "Registered User" of The Shopper's Guide once your registration has been approved by an administrator.  Once the administrator has approved your registration information you will receive an email with a temporary password.  Use your Username that you created and this Password to login to the web site and then you can create a NEW permanent password.  You then will have FREE access to all the ads in The Shopper's Guide as well as being able to place FREE and/or commercial ads in The Shopper's Guide any time you desire.  The Shopper's Guide will use your registered information to protect you and ALL USERS.  No-one will be able to use the SG CLASSIFIEDS without registering.  We only approve Users that have correctly filled out the registration form and live in the area that The Shopper's Guide serves.

Thank you so much for your support over the years and thank you for registering and becoming part of The NEW Shopper's Guide Internet Family.

We look forward to serving you,

Buddy and Dinah Weeks.

HOW TO PLACE an AD in The Shopper's Guide

How To Place An Ad:  1. Login to the site.   2. Click on "SG CLASSIFIEDS" in Menu   3. Click on "PLACE AD"   4. Click in the "Select a Category" block and select your category.  You may need to scroll to find your category.  Please DO NOT place any ads in the "FREE SG BOOKLET DOWNLOAD" category.   5. Click in the next block and enter the sum of the two numbers. This is to make sure ONLY humans are using our SG CLASSIFIEDS. Now click on "CONTINUE".   6. You may change the date to start your ad. Your ad will run seven days from your start date unless you cancel or renew it.   7. "LISTING TITLE" - Enter your ad title in this area. Your ad will be bold in appearance. (Example - FOR SALE: 2006 CADILLAC CTS)   8. "AD DETAILS"  Type your ad description in this block.  Be sure to include your price, phone number, etc., and Yard Sale dates and address location.   9. Click in the block that reads "I agree to the terms of service".   10. "IMAGES AND ATTACHMENTS" - You may place one (1) to four (4) pictures of your item in this block.  You can either drag and drop the image or click in the "Select Files" block and move it from your device to the ad.   11. Click on "Complete AD".   12. Your ad is now complete and will appear in the classifieds under the category you selected.

THE GOLDEN RULE, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Did you ever wonder where the "Golden Rule" originated from?  It was this verse in the Bible:

Luke 6:31  "And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise."

Preacher / Teacher,  Buddy Weeks

Always Remember, "The Smart Shopper Shops Thru The Shopper's Guide”!

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